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About the Department


Department of Technology-scale up has excellent state-of-the art pilot plant facilities for processing various food materials such as cereals, pulses and oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, spices and plantation products and meat and marine products. The pilot plant facilities include food processing equipment for operations such as size reduction, extraction and distillation, separation processes, centrifugation, extrusion and shaping, evaporation, drying, sterilization and packaging. Bioreactors of different capacities, ranging from laboratory to pilot scale, and downstream processing equipment are available for experimentation and harvesting value added products like food enzymes and additives. The processing facility for fruit and vegetable, spices, grains & meat and marine products has a number of equipment for preservation, primary & secondary processing, development of value added products and by-product utilization. The excellent facility for packaging of foods includes caning, bottling and pouch packing of solid and liquid foods. The pilot plant also houses a number of processing equipment designed and fabricated at CSIR-CFTRI.

The main objectives of the department include:

  • Facilitate scale-up of laboratory scale techniques developed in-house to pilot scale level, before transferring the technology to entrepreneur/industry.
  • Share the facility (on rental basis) for the entrepreneur/industry to conduct trail runs.
  • Facilitate demonstration of technologies for the entrepreneurs.
  • Enable academic, skill development and hands-on training programmes of the institute



Department of Technology Scale-up
CFTRI Campus, Mysuru 570 020



+ 91- 821-2512520